KeizoMatsui Born Exhibition


Keizo Matsui spent a long time in search of a creative work that had yet to be accomplished. The theme of this work was overcoming paradox; the paradoxes that arise when the human species attempts to justify their reasons for living. He went out into the world, and personally witnessed its poverty, discrimination, and strife. Ethnic groups, each with their own tragic set of circumstances, fighting and killing one another. The more he learned about their unique circumstances, the less he felt able to speak about the matter. Matsui took in each of their paradoxes, and over time his internal conflict led to him undertaking this challenge. In glass and ceramic, two materials that are similar yet opposed, he saw the paradoxes of the peoples who had conflicted with one another. In the fusion of glass and ceramic, he was able to see hope; hope brought about by working towards something man had yet to accomplish. His aspirations were finally realized in 2017, proving humans have the potential to achieve something that was once unachievable.